Temple hive


a new standard in top bar hives

a new standard in top bar hives

created by Skye a. l. Taylor © 2012

We need a standard in top bar hives…. this design took many years and is finally reliable, in that  Honey Bees will build comb bar by bar, with little or no cross over – thus we can inspect this hive. We can create nucs with this hive. It has been tested in the Hudson Valley of NY, the Bay Area of CA and is now being tested in N.C. So far this hive has been mite free – with no other signs of disease. This is surprising. Something about the geometry must be enhancing the health and strength of our Bees within this Temple Hive. We would like to share this hive.

We have made a DVD in six sections,  40 mins total, which slowly shows how this hive is built and what the thinking is behind it… measurements of sacred geometry, biodynamic considerations of woods used.. spaces inside……propolis varnish…copper trim  and much more….

Here is a short video “A Course in Beauty” made with children between the ages of 4 and 9

Everyone wears a hat and rubs a little fresh lemon balm on their face and hands, that’s all..



we have posted the six chapters of “Building Temple Hive” here:

Part 1 Sacred Geometry

Part 2 Biodynamics

Part 3 Considerations

Part 4 Inside the Hive

Part 5 Attending Great Bee

Part 6 Sharing

please note that the video shows a central entrance along the south facing edge but in truth the entrance is best all the way to the right of that as shown in the photo above. also the boardman feeder supplied by Dadant is used on the east end which is notched to receive it so the bees can get at it easily, it is near the entrance, good for feeding a new cluster, good for added ventilation in the summer and good for wicking moisture in the winter.

thank you for considering this temple for your Sacred Honey Bees, skye





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